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Recycled Multicolored Polwarth 3.3oz Fiber Batt

Recycled Multicolored Polwarth 3.3oz Fiber Batt

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This fun, multicolored recycled Art Batt is approximately 3.3oz. Recycled Batts allow me to reduce waste by adding hand dyed silk, top, locks, and shiny bits that are left over from other batts to create a new one. This assures that there’s no waste in the carding and making process.

The base for this batt is Polwarth Top--a fiber that is 3/4 Merino and 1/4 Lincoln--which is almost as soft as Merino. It also contains recycled superfine Merino top, mulberry silk, farm Merino, recycled yarn, recycled Sari silk, firestar, and angelina.

Since the base fiber is non-superwash, this batt is perfect for spinning or felting. Each fiber is hand-dyed and drum carded by me.

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