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Organic Wool Wash

Organic Wool Wash

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Our own Organic Wool Wash formulated with skin sensitivities and allergies in mind.  Made with:

  • organic castile soap that is certified palm oil free and EWG verified, not tested on animals, gmo-free, and made in the US
  • saponified organic coconut oil that is biodegradable, unrefined, and is made in small batches in California
  • organic lanolin from an organic sheep farm in Texas 
  • certified organic essential oils to help keep your makes smelling fresh and to keep pests away

Each 4oz glass bottle comes with a dropper cap. Simply give it a good shake, and add one to two full droppers to a basin of cool water. Add your wool makes to the basin and soak for no longer than 15 minutes. Rinsing is optional! 

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