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WIP Strings

WIP Strings

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WIP (Work In Progress)Strings are the quintessential tool that every knitter needs. Ever have a sweater pattern that says, "Put stitches on a spare needle"? If I'm honest, I have so many WIPs going on that I never have a spare. Simple Insert the end of one needle into the WIP String and move your stitches to the cord. Knot the two ends of the cord together so they don't slip off. When you have to put those stitches-on-hold back on the needle, simply insert your needle tip into one end of the WIP Strings and pull those live stitches back onto your needles! 

WIP Strings are also great for trying on your sweaters to make sure the fit is correct. They're also perfect for stealing needles from one project and using them in another!

These WIP Strings are size inclusive for all bodies. There are 2x 36" strings for armholes, or a smaller amount of stitches, and 1X 96" for trying on your sweaters. 

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